About us

Dipta Shikha is a web-based Bangla Magazine that helps pupil to quench their thirst for knowledge. Since 2021, founded in Bangladesh we are providing useful informative articles on History, Religion, Culture, Science and Technology, Business, and various other topics. We provide quality digital content in Bangla to keep informed Bengali readers. We believe in the power of the free flow of information for the betterment of society.

We have a simple mission behind creating this website, and that is to make information easily available to the readers and society. The reason we do this is that we believe that knowledge should be open to all. Our mission and values always inspire us to create good content.

The net world is full of information. But how necessary or trustworthy are they? We work tirelessly to find reliable information. We arrange them in an interesting and simple way. We want to help people develop their creativity and build effective life skills.

To make this happen we determine our topics keeping in view the culture and heritage of our country. Skilled storytellers prepare content accordingly. We emphasize engaging content in simple language. Supporting images and multimedia are integrated accordingly to make them more attractive to viewers.

Our future plans go much further. To publish books in Bengali and to play an effective role in raising public awareness. We will organize programs for this. We want to do important work in the development of knowledge practice in the Bengali language. To that end, we will create good-quality Bangla content.

We work to share ideas, resources, and tools that will help increase your productivity. We try our best to maintain the quality of everything we do. In this digital age, if you want to thrive, you should have access to all resources of knowledge. Dipto Shikha is always by your side in this journey.